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Holiday Hazards for Safe Drivers

It’s hard to remember that not everyone drives as safe as you do. Not everyone looks twice, yields to signs, or even let pedestrians pass walkways. Holidays are known for spreading cheer, but let’s all agree that the season is accompanied by stress.

19 Dec, 2016

Does My Homeowners Insurance Protect Me Against Theft Crimes?

Nothing is as shocking and unsettling as coming home to find your front door open, a window broken and your home burglarized. During the holidays the crime rate rises across the board, particularly in home robberies.

22 Nov, 2016

Do You REALLY Need Renters Insurance?

Typically, we talk a lot about car insurance in this blog – how much coverage you need, what coverages are available, etc. But today we want to bring up another very important coverage anybody that doesn’t own a home should have – Renters Insurance. 

25 Oct, 2016

Important Preventive Maintenance For My Vehicle

As every car owner knows, vehicle ownership comes with a few maintenance must-dos. Some are as obvious as putting gas in your car when that needle edges towards the “E” mark. Others are recommended best practices such as checking your tire pressure before leaving...

19 Sep, 2016

Purchasing Insurance For A Used Car

Purchasing a car is a big financial commitment whether you are buying the new shiny Lexus or a pre-owned Honda Civic. It is widely known that brand new cars depreciate with lightning speed, in fact, the car looses approximately 11% of its value as...

18 Aug, 2016

You Are Going Overseas. Is Your Car Insurance Going With You?

So many people start planning their summer vacations in the dead of winter. Do you? Honestly, we couldn’t blame you. What’s better than daydreaming about the upcoming sun and beach filled vacation when the storm rages outside your window. When the vacation finally draws...

21 Jul, 2016

Car Insurance and Summer Travel – Are You Covered?

Hooray, summer is finally here. The summer season is what most of us look forward to the rest of the year. With the days sunny and hot, and the kids on their summer break from school, this is the hottest time (pun intended) to...

21 Jun, 2016

Auto Insurance For Your Graduate

As the finals’ season approaches, the teen in your household leads a busy life. Extracurricular activities, study groups, cramming for the test at a local library or a Starbucks –

18 May, 2016

My Car Has Flood Damage – Am I Covered?

If you live in Houston area, damage that may be caused by severe flooding is certainly on your mind. According to Houston officials, this week’s rain has contributed to the largest flood in this area, since Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. Even though, there...

22 Apr, 2016

New Commercials

Have you seen our latest commercials? Check them out!   Getting Ready English: Spanish: Broken Vase English: Spanish: Soccer English: Spanish: Somethings Are Hard English: Spanish:

10 Feb, 2016

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